Jesús Tejel - Photography

About me

Since childhood I have been interested in photography, especially travel photography. I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society of Zaragoza for over 25 years.

I am particularly interested in shooting the human being and the world he inhabits.  Photographing people in their natural environment is now for me the maximum interest in photography. Alone people, people with other people, people in their environment, the world where people live... People, in short, in its broadest and closest sense.

I've done several solo exhibitions:

- "Vietnam and Camboya, overcoming the past", 2008

- "Looks", 2008

- "Peru's heartbeats", 2008

- "The innocent look", 2010

- "Heartbeats without borders", 2014, 2015

I have given many lectures and courses on photographic composicción and travel photography.

Recently I started to get interested in Aerial Photography with RPAs (commonly known as drones). To carry out its realization, I have the RPA pilot licenses required by law, and I am also registered as operator of RPAS in the register of the State Agency for Aviation Safety in Spain (AESA).  In this link you can see some of the pictures I do with this technique.